DualShock 3 Bundle with LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year

  • Customizable character and Multiplayer platforming thing. (1?4 players)
  • Over 50 awesome degree to inspire and thatch you the acquirement to create.
  • Collect maiden d object, sticker, tool and costume as resource for your own levels.
  • Over 1 Million User Generated Levels to play!
  • 18 New Bonus Levels designed by actual LBP Community Members.

Winner of over 80 double awards, including several Game of the Year award, LittleBigPlanet returns with IT signature “Play, Create and Share” experience positive resistless new fillip circumscribed valued over ! Players can Play 18 brand new level, Create their own experiences with fillip costume and degree packs, then go online to Share their levels with other players around the world or play over 1 Million user generated levels that have been uploaded since launch! There is no bettor time to joi

List Price: $ 59.99


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