Multi-function 3-In-1 Heavy Duty Doorway Chin Pull Push Sit Up Bar

  • Heavy-gauge, thick hi-grade steel holds up to 150kg/330lbs.
  • Multifunction chinning bar for strengthening pecs, biceps, abs, and obliques.
  • Thick foam padding and non-slip comfort grips
  • Perfect for p90x workout
  • Easy to install and undo.

This is a portable multi-function chin up bars, inexpensive and easy to tone up your muscle. The most common use of this equipment is for developing the back muscles, particularly to develop that V-shape that most people desire. However, pull up stations are also great for developing arm muscles, particularly biceps and forearms. You can also do a variety of abdominal exercises including leg raises and oblique curls using the chin-up bar. This is the most effective chin-up bar you could find and


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