Lifesmart Adjustable 5- to 55-Pound Dumbbells (Pair)

  • Features commercial-grade cast iron plates
  • 5- to 55-pounds of adjustable weights in 5-pound increments
  • Replaces 44 sets of weights
  • Perform more than 50 exercises

Lifesmart Adjustable Dumbbells have several unique and smart features. The “click & go” 5 position adjustable system is the most reliable in the industry for quick adjustability and safety. Lifesmart Adjustable Dumbbells are drop tested to insure high quality and a reliable locking system. You can perform over 50 different exercises with just one set of Lifesmart Adjustable Dumbbells. In fact it would take 1260 lbs. or 44 free weights to do the same exercises! Imagine the convenience, space and

List Price: $ 549.00


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Natural Fitness Adjustable Resistance Tube Kit

  • Easily alter resistance level with adjustable handles
  • Workout DVD contains beginner & advanced workouts
  • Strengthen & tone entire body
  • Safe & strong break-resistant eco-friendly latex tubes
  • Patented adjustable quick change handles made from recycled material

The Natural Fitness Adjustable Resistance Tube Kit is versatile, environmentally friendly, and contains 3 different natural rubber resistance tubes for smooth, continuous, and safe exercise. Our high quality natural tubes connect to special comfort handles allowing full adjustability of the tube length so that you can shorten the tube for upper body exercise and to create more resistance and also lengthen the tube for less resistance and standing exercises. The 3 different level resistance tub

List Price: $ 25.99


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Turbo Bell Adjustable Weight Dumbbell with Stand, TB560

  • Adjustable Dumbells 5 to 60 lb including Stand

Temporarily putout of capital. Available June 5, 2009

List Price: $ 329.00


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