New Heavy Duty B.M.P. Doorway Chin Up Pull Up Bar and New 3 Strong Man Set of Resistance Bands Perfect to use with P90x and any other fitness program

  • INCLUDES 1 Pull Up Bar, 3 Resistance Bands, 2 High Quality Handles, 1 Carrying Bag, 1 Door Anchor
  • New B.M.P. distant pull up bar offers 12 grip positions Fits most doorways up to 32″ ample
  • New BMP Three-Piece Resistance Band Set Is made with the Highest quality of Synthetic Rubber
  • Blue=12 Lbs, Black=20 Lbs, Red=30 Lbs, Max Resistance is 62 Lbs

Pull Up Bar

Built for durability and comfort, the B.M.P. chin-up bar is the crowning fitness training tool for beefing up and evolving your shoulders, back, arms, chest, abs, and more. It is also the cold workout solution or your home, office, or door room. This Pull up bar mounts easily to any door frame to go your ad hominem ad hominem gym and features 12 grip positions. As a result, you can construct aggregate muscle groups with a variety of exercises, with the wide-grip positions chal


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Maximum Muscle Trainer Wall-Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar

  • Wall-Mounted Chin Up Bar comes with installation kit and holds up to 400 pounds of weight
  • Built with professional quality hi-grade steel
  • With a non-slip powder coating and comfort grips
  • Easy to assemble: mount on solid wall or wood beam
  • Offers multiple grip positions for a variety of exercise options

The Maximum Muscle Trainer is the ultimate pull up bar designed for the serious body builder/athlete. Mount on solid wall or wood beam for permanent safety! Work out readily anytime…no need to mount on a doorway each time you work out. The Maximum Muscle Trainer enables you to do various pull up grip positions (wide grip, reverse grip, close grip, and hammer grip) that work on your compound muscles for fast, maximum results! Develop your back, chest, shoulders, lats, biceps, triceps, and forea

List Price: $ 59.95


GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station

  • Mounts instantly in your doorway with no screws
  • New raised bar design provides height for a full range of motion
  • Fits most standard doorways (32 to 34-inches)
  • Use for chin-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, dips, abdominals & more
  • Padded handles for varied grips; includes exercise flipchart

Gofit elevated chin up station takes chin ups to a new level—literally. Our multi-use chin up station incorporates a radical patent-pending design which elevates you above the door frame opening more clearance and a riddled range of motion for a better workout.It instantly and easily mounts in a criterial doorway with no screws, availing leverage and gravity. The station can be resorted for chin ups and move ups in several hand pooverrideions at two elevations, as well as override ups, pushups and dips. Abdominal strap

List Price: $ 39.99


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