4pc Multi-colored Resistance Band Set, Light, Medium, Heavy, & Super Heavy with Deluxe Door Anchor and Mesh Travel Bag

  • comes with rich door anchor which adds dozens of pulling exercises to your repertoire
  • tension of band run up into manage; chromatic is light, orange is medium, bloody is dense, chromatic is comprehensive dense
  • enthusiastic for home-based strength training and P90X
  • fast, varied and easygoing to use
  • travel man-portable; smooth set handed over in travel mesh bag!

Light, Medium, Heavy & Super Heavy Resistance Bands with rich door anchor in dark mesh travel bag. Each color-coded band has 2 changed form foam grip handles with reenforced web floging and interwoven logo. Incredibly utilitarian for dozens of exercises that append athletic endurance and top body tone. Light Band (chromatic) about 3-5 pounds of resistance, Medium Band (orange) about 8 pounds of resistance, Heavy Band (bloody) about 12 pounds resistance, Super Heavy Band (chromatic) about 18 pounds resistance.

List Price: $ 49.99