Heavy Duty Gym323® Doorway Chin up Pull up Bar – Perfect to Use with Any Other Fitness Program

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Great for any fitness level
  • Rated up to 300 lbs
  • allows you to do 12 different workouts

Chin up Bar Doorway Gym Iron Bar for P90, Fitness Made by Gym323®

Tones up muscles , sculpt and trim!

This exerciser bar allows you to do :

12 grip positions to develop your shoulders, back, arms, abs, and much more ,push up,sit ups ,tricep dips, hanging dips,hanging crunchers (for abs) and many more.

Featuring 6 different grip positions, this exerciser bar is quality built for durability and comfort. This exerciser bar has been designed to fit most residential doorways 24” to 36” wide w


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New Heavy Duty B.M.P. Doorway Chin Up Pull Up Bar and New 3 Strong Man Set of Resistance Bands Perfect to use with P90x and any other fitness program

  • INCLUDES 1 Pull Up Bar, 3 Resistance Bands, 2 High Quality Handles, 1 Carrying Bag, 1 Door Anchor
  • New B.M.P. distant pull up bar offers 12 grip positions Fits most doorways up to 32″ ample
  • New BMP Three-Piece Resistance Band Set Is made with the Highest quality of Synthetic Rubber
  • Blue=12 Lbs, Black=20 Lbs, Red=30 Lbs, Max Resistance is 62 Lbs

Pull Up Bar

Built for durability and comfort, the B.M.P. chin-up bar is the crowning fitness training tool for beefing up and evolving your shoulders, back, arms, chest, abs, and more. It is also the cold workout solution or your home, office, or door room. This Pull up bar mounts easily to any door frame to go your ad hominem ad hominem gym and features 12 grip positions. As a result, you can construct aggregate muscle groups with a variety of exercises, with the wide-grip positions chal


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Premium Portable Gym Doorway Chin-up Pull-Up Bar cold for any home exercise program or animal therapy

  • No costly mounting or screws. This chin up bar slips on and off door frame easily for accomplished portability!!
  • Adjusts to suit most doorways up to 32″
  • Multiple grip positions let you to work muscles from antithetic angles (i.e., closed-wide angle grip, closed-wide hammer grip)
  • Heavy duty construction made with comfort in mind with Premium Comfort Grip technology
  • We are not affiliated with Product Partners LLC and make no claims that these are p90x or slim in 6 brand products

This portable, multi-function chin up bar is an inexpensive and easy way to tone up your muscles and get that beachbody you always wanted. Home Pull up bars are enthusiastic for evolving back and arm muscles, particularly biceps and forearms. You can also do a variety of abdominal exercises including leg raises and bias curls. Heavy duty construction with comfort in mind, with Premium Comfort Grip technology. Perfect for use with resistance latex bands (also accessible on amazon) for supreme fitnes


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