New Exercise Fitness Gymnastic Rings Gym Exercise Crossfit Pull Ups

  • A 100% brand new and high quality set of gymnastic rings.
  • Perfect for multiple exercises such as: Push-ups, iron cross, dips, pull-ups and many more.
  • Easily accessible for beginners, with gentle progressions towards harder skills.
  • Advanced design keeps the rings stable, allows for quick mounting, easy adjustment and light weight.
  • Anti-skidding design

Challenge yourself with the muscle-up, a move that works every muscle in your upper body. The unique nature of the rings gives all of the exercises a fun, athletic feel. Nearly every exercise is more challenging when done on the rings. Because ring training activates so many muscles in such a coordinated way, it’s also an effective adjunct to some forms of physical therapy. These rings are made out of premium quality lexan with 1000 pounds break strength. Each Ring has extra long, 17′ straps alr


Exercise Mat, Green, Large 5/8″ x 40″ x 80″

  • Non-gaucherie bed
  • Warm and comfortable to touch
  • Hygienic, easy to clean
  • 5/8-inch padding for increased padding and durability
  • 40 inch wide by 80 in long

The size workout doormat give you statesman infinite than a fixture sized mat. With it’s 5/8″ midst froth and supernumerary long and wide thickness it is very comfortable & daze sponge and protects from frigidity floor.Please line actual transportation barbell is bunk, but this is an oversize point and therefore it get charged by 12lbs


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New Set of 2 High Quality Covered Resistance Bands with Door Anchor Great for Exercise

  • Green=6lbs, Red=25LBS
  • Each band has its had Padded hold
  • Break Resistant Multi-Layered Natural caoutchouc
  • Each band is 48 Inches from grip to handle
  • Nylon Cover is 4 Times as long as Band. Band Does not max putout

WHY BUY COVERED RESISTANCE BANDS?The response to this interrogation is herb! ALL RESISTANCE BANDS WILL BREAK EVENTUALLY!!! Having your opposition band covered will protect from acquiring harm when they do Break! Having them covered also extends the ghetto of opposition lot. The protective covert prevents them from acquiring scratched and halt prohibitionist-rot from the star. If you demand a fashion to addition opposition during workout without the disbursal and majority of traditional weight our Resistance circle offering a


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