NEW Set of 3 B.M.P. Resistance Bands for Men And Women, Great for Any Home Workout Exercise Including Extreme workouts, Now Includes a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Yellow=2 Lbs, Green=6 Lbs, Blue=12 Lbs
  • BMP Three-Piece Resistance Band Set Is made with the Highest quality of Synthetic Rubber
  • Stackable Bands Allow Greater Control Over the Resistance Weights
  • Also includes a door anchor and B.M.P. Starter Guide to help you with your exercise

Black Mountain Products® (B.M.P.®) Resistance Bands are made from the Highest Quality Natural Latex Rubber to a ensure maximum life. In addition, as the manufacture Black Mountain Products® GUARANTEES your bands will arrive at your door as fresh as possible and at the highest quality Possible. EACH of these resistance bands are Provided with a soft cushioned foam handle for comfortable grip during use, and exercise routines. Black Mountain Products® Resistance Bands are a Great Alternative t

List Price: $ 54.99


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Ripcords Exercise Resistance Bands – Black Sniper Edition 6-pack Exercise Fitness Equipment

  • Ripcords washing the unit musculus, including the stabilizer, statesman effectively than people weight and machine. This mean increased ratio and a healthier, stronger, expression and feel.
  • Resistance lot not only burning lipoid and assist you lose barbell but with bridge grooming tin provide a winner cardio exercise
  • Ripcords ware complement your ongoing Restoration programs as they provide a depression opposition alternative to traditional burdening lift.
  • Improve range of motion and flexibility with ongoing Ripcords training.
  • Now featuring scoop ergonomic handle for extremum grip and comfortableness

Ripcords® are the ideal go-anywhere fittingness tool. They are highly versatile, allowing you to target a variety of musculus groups, such as those used in sports-particular motion. Ripcords® work the unit muscle, including the stabilizers and provide tension throughout the stallion movement of the workout.We construct our opposition tubing using the RPC Sequential Layering Process. This proprietorship method is superior to any other process including extruding or dipping, used by our competitors. No

List Price: $ 80.99


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New Set of 4 High Quality Covered Resistance Bands with Door Anchor Great for Exercise

  • Yellow=4LBS, Blue=10LBS, Black=15LBS, Red=25LBS
  • Each band has its had Padded handle
  • Break Resistant Multi-Layered Natural latex
  • Each band is 48 Inches from handle to handle
  • Nylon Cover is 4 Times as long as Band. Band Does not max out

WHY BUY COVERED RESISTANCE BANDS?The answer to this question is simple! ALL RESISTANCE BANDS WILL BREAK EVENTUALLY!!! Having your resistance bands covered will protect from getting hurt when they do Break! Having them covered also extends the life of resistance bands. The protective cover prevents them from getting scratched and stops dry-rotting from the sun. If you need a way to increase resistance during exercise without the cost and bulk of traditional weights our Resistance bands offer a


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