Heavy Duty Source Blue Leg Cord Resistance Exercize Band (Heavy Resistance)

  • Approximately 15-20 pounds of resistance
  • Improve overall lower-body muscle tone
  • Great for toning hips and strengthening calves and buns
  • Comfortable, padded, velcro, adjustable ankle straps
  • Portable, efficient, affordable

Introducing the new for 2011 Source leg resistance bands! These bands are a revolutionary product that targets the often neglected small and large muscles of the inner and outer thighs as well as the front and rear Glute muscles, hips and quads.Source Fitness uses only the strongest available tubing and the most durable and comfortable ankle attachments. Our ankle attachments have extra padding for your own personal comfort during your workout. Unlike other ankle attachment products, these resis


Blue Source Figure 8 Premium Toner Resistance Exercise Band Tube Cord (Heavy Resistance)

  • Approximately 18-20lbs of resistance
  • Our most versatile exerciser. Good for both upper and lower body exercises.
  • Allows for isolation of targeted muscle groups and full range of motion exercise.
  • Ideal for group exercise, personal training, and traveling
  • Get lean and strong with the most effective single arm and double arm exercises for total upper body conditioning.

Learn to tone and strengthen major muscle groups with these resistance bands. Unique figure eight design helps tone, strengthen, and define arms, shoulders, chest, back, buttocks, and legs.

Some possible uses for this resistance band:

Figure 8 Tubing Exercises: Lunge – front and back of thigh, buttock (quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals) Rear Leg Lift – back of thigh, buttocks (hamstrings, gluteals) Chest Press – chest, front of shoulder, back of arm (pectorals, anterior d


3pc Black-colored Resistance Band Set, Light, Medium, & Heavy with Deluxe Door Anchor and Mesh Travel Bag

  • comes with deluxe door anchor which adds dozens of pulling exercises to your repertoire
  • tension of tied sewn into handle; yellow is light, orange is intermediate, red is heavy
  • great for home-based strength training and P90X
  • quick, various and easy to use
  • travel portable; entire set delivered in travel mesh bag!

Light, Medium, & Heavy Resistance Bands with deluxe door anchor in black mesh travel caught. Each color-coded band has 2 tapered foam bitten handles with reinforced netted strapping and woven logo. Each band is black in color with tension level sewn into the web beefy handle. Incredibly useful for dozens of exercises that add mesomorphic endurance and upper body tone. Light Band about 3-5 pounds of resistance, Medium Band about 8 pounds of resistance, Heavy Band about 12 pounds resistance.

List Price: $ 44.99


All-in-one Stand Alone Pull up Bar

  • Light weight (23 lbs)
  • Easily assembled or taken apart (1 minute)
  • No tools required ()
  • All aluminum construction (no rust)
  • FREE SHIPPING (48 states)

This portable pull up bar is perfect for people who don’t want a big bulky “tower” that you can’t move.You can assemble and disassemble the product in a minute (no tools required). It comes in 7 pieces (all under 45″ in length) and fits in a 48″x8″x8″ box.This product is also a “transformer”. In its “normal” configuration, it is 7 feet tall, and the top bar lets you do pull ups, chin ups, and “neutral-grip” pull ups. You can adjust the height in 4″ increments.In its “dipping” configuration


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