Set of 3 Source XTREME Stackable Heavy Duty Premium Latex Resistance Exercise Bands Tubes Cords w/ Door Anchor and Exercise Manual

  • 3 Different, Combineable, Heavy Duty Resistance Bands
  • Made with Premium Quality Durable Latex
  • Comes with Door Anchor and Instruction Manual
  • 1 year warranty on all bands*
  • New, introductory low price so get them at this price while you can!!

Interested in incorporating resistance bands into your workout but are turned off by their low resistance level? Well now Source Fitness has the resistance bands for you! These new Source XTREME resistance bands range 25-40 pounds of resistance!

Don’t be fooled by the imitators, get that beach body you always wanted courtesy of Source Fitness! All the bands measure 48 inches, and include cushioned foam handles to ensure a secure, comfortable grip. Plus, the bands come with a convenient door a


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New Heavy Duty B.M.P. Doorway Chin Up Pull Up Bar and New 3 Strong Man Set of Resistance Bands Perfect to use with P90x and any other fitness program

  • INCLUDES 1 Pull Up Bar, 3 Resistance Bands, 2 High Quality Handles, 1 Carrying Bag, 1 Door Anchor
  • New B.M.P. distant pull up bar offers 12 grip positions Fits most doorways up to 32″ ample
  • New BMP Three-Piece Resistance Band Set Is made with the Highest quality of Synthetic Rubber
  • Blue=12 Lbs, Black=20 Lbs, Red=30 Lbs, Max Resistance is 62 Lbs

Pull Up Bar

Built for durability and comfort, the B.M.P. chin-up bar is the crowning fitness training tool for beefing up and evolving your shoulders, back, arms, chest, abs, and more. It is also the cold workout solution or your home, office, or door room. This Pull up bar mounts easily to any door frame to go your ad hominem ad hominem gym and features 12 grip positions. As a result, you can construct aggregate muscle groups with a variety of exercises, with the wide-grip positions chal


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4pc Multi-colored Resistance Band Set, Light, Medium, Heavy, & Super Heavy with Deluxe Door Anchor and Mesh Travel Bag

  • comes with rich door anchor which adds dozens of pulling exercises to your repertoire
  • tension of band run up into manage; chromatic is light, orange is medium, bloody is dense, chromatic is comprehensive dense
  • enthusiastic for home-based strength training and P90X
  • fast, varied and easygoing to use
  • travel man-portable; smooth set handed over in travel mesh bag!

Light, Medium, Heavy & Super Heavy Resistance Bands with rich door anchor in dark mesh travel bag. Each color-coded band has 2 changed form foam grip handles with reenforced web floging and interwoven logo. Incredibly utilitarian for dozens of exercises that append athletic endurance and top body tone. Light Band (chromatic) about 3-5 pounds of resistance, Medium Band (orange) about 8 pounds of resistance, Heavy Band (bloody) about 12 pounds resistance, Super Heavy Band (chromatic) about 18 pounds resistance.

List Price: $ 49.99


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