Set of 5 NEW Premium Latex Power Resistance Bands Tubes Cords w/ free Door Anchor, Storage Bag and Exercise Instructions

  • 5 Different Color-Coded Resistances
  • Comes with Door Anchor and Storage Bag
  • 1 year warranty on all bands!*
  • These premium bands comes with a door anchor and portable travel bag. This set supports all of the latest workout routines, including P90X, CrossFit, Slimin6, Insanity and TurboJam.

Get that beach body you always wanted! All the bands measure 48 inches, and include cushioned foam handles to ensure a secure, comfortable grip. Plus, the bands come with a convenient door anchor, and portable travel bag, so you can take your exercise anywhere on-the-go. Resistance bands are a great alternative to free weights and workout machines. They are also perfect for all types of physical therapy including rehabbing torn rotator cuffs, bad elbows, and damaged knees. This resistance bands


Set of 5 Supply Premium Latex Resistance Exercising Bands Tubes Cords w/ Door Anchor and Workout Manual.

  • five Different Resistances
  • Heavy Duty, Long lasting Latex
  • Arrives with Door Anchor
  • 1 yr warranty on all bands*
  • All Source™ resistance bands have the Source™ identify and trademark right on the handles. It it does not have the Source™ identify, than it is not a Source™ product.

The number a single selling set of resistance bands on Don’t feel us that this item is substantial quality? Search at all the opinions. Really don’t be fooled by the imitators, get that seaside physique you always wanted courtesy of Supply Fitness! All the bands measure 48 inches, and incorporate cushioned foam handles to make sure a secure, comfortable grip. Plus, the bands come with a hassle-free door anchor, so you can do your workouts everywhere in the home.

Resistance bands are a fantastic substitute to free

Checklist Cost: $ 59.99


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