2011 Maximum Fitness Gear Premium 3pc LATEX Exercise Resistance Bands ADJUSTABLE Clip System (LT, MD & HV up to 60lbs resistance), BEST FOR P90X!

  • 2011 NEW & IMPROVED 100% LATEX Thicker Bands! (NOTE: Negative Feedbacks Pertain To Old Model) 3 PREMIUM QUALITY Light, Medium and Heavy Resistance Bands Clip System All You Need For An Effective Workout; Ideal to use with Popular DVD Workout Programs
  • IDEAL FOR P90X WORKOUTS! Tone Muscles and Burn Fat FASTER and SAFER; Comes with at ease foam handles, door anchor, ankle straps and travel bag!
  • Use for evolving and sculpting top body (chest, back, shoulders, arms) and lower body (glutes, legs) compound muscles
  • Portable and accessible to use anytime and anywhere
  • Includes BONUS Total Body Resistance Band Illustrated Workout Guide

NEW 2011 MODEL! NEW & IMPROVED 100% LATEX with an adaptable state-of-the-art Clip System (up to 60 lbs. resistance). 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Buy With Confidence! Limited Offer: 1 Year Warranty!!!1-3 Days EXPEDITED SHIPPING (NO ADDITIONAL COST)! You are having a premium quality 3pc 100% LATEX Resistance Bands set. The LIGHT, MEDIUM & HEAVY resistance bands are all you necessitate for an efficacious tone building and abdominous firing workout. The innovative clip system allows you to use up to 3 b


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Exercise Band FOR P90X Arm AB Workout Resistance Bands

  • Ideal for use with P90X Fitness Program
  • bands are made from the highest Quality Rubber Latex
  • 90 Days Replacement/Warranty Guarantee!

Ideal for use with P90X Fitness Program and other Exercises such as , pilates , Yoga etc… These bands are made from the highest quality rubber latex. Our customers’ feedback say these bands are the best price and best quality.

This set including the following:

1 Low Strength Blue Tube

* 1 Medium Strength Red Tube

* 1 High Strength Yellow Tube

* 1 Ultra Strength Black Tube

* 1 Super Strength Black Tube with sleeve cover

* 1 Pair of Handles

* 1 Pair of Ankle Straps

* 1 Door Anch


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P90x Plus DVD with 2 Workouts: UPPER Plus & ABS/CORE Plus

  • If you loved the P90X workouts, this is a great complement and a fantastic new challenge. It will express you in even better shape through two new workouts
  • * Designed for people who have completed P90X or want to add more to their current routine
  • * Approximately 60 minutes long

* Upper Plus works your whole upper body in one workout. Ripping up every muscle group of the high body at once, you will shell boredom and reach supreme results! This is bad! * Abs/Core Plus is a rip-your-abs-to-the core workout that includes planks, suffering work, floor work and adorning work. It will turn your midsection in the best shape of your life! * Designed for people who have ended P90X or require to constitute more to their up-to-the-minute routine * Part of the P90X Plus Series


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