PlayStation 3 80 GB

  • Includes PlayStation 3 80 GB scheme, Dualshock 3 radio accountant, and people PlayStation Network rank
  • Internet preparedness Wi-Fi
  • 80 GB of hard saucer filing for all your game, subdivision, picture, and exposure
  • Built-in Blu-ray player to give you the endeavour high-explanation viewing experience and pristine picture choice
  • Play your stallion catalogue of CDs and DVDs

Includes PlayStation 3 80GB scheme, Dualshock 3 radiocommunication comptroller, people PlayStation Network rank, internet preparedness Wi-Fi, and 80GB of hard saucer filing for all your game, subdivision, video, and photograph. Every PS3 ejaculate with a built-in Blu-beam participant to spring you the endeavor level-explanation screening familiarisation and pristine ikon appearance. Plus, the PS3 tin drama your stallion catalogue of CDs and DVDs.

List Price: $ 299.99


PlayStation 3 Wireless keypad

  • Wireless Keypad for the PS3 bend your fixture comptroller into a texting instrumentation with gnawer signal capability
  • Attaches to any DualShock 3 or SixAxis radio accountant
  • QWERTY keyboard is designed for fast, thumb-only typing
  • Touchpad mouse allows for convenient scrolled and pick
  • Designed with Bluetooth 2. and a rechargeable Lithium-anion polymer artillery

The Wireless keypad for the PlayStation 3 system provides the freedom of easy to use texting and rodent input capabilities, all while maintaining full-of-the-moon gameplay functionality in one easy-to-hold instrumentation. This Bluetooth device attaches to any Dualshock 3 or Sixaxis wireless controller and enables effortless internet browse, e-post and instant messaging on the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Home. The unique touching pad feature allows for convenient scrolling and mouse input on the PS3 scheme

List Price: $ 49.99


More Ps3 Products

PlayStation Move Controller

  • Accurately tracks your every movement. Precisely tracks both fast and delicate movements
  • Sphere?s light provides seeable feedback during gameplay
  • Vibration feedback is fingered during ad hoc actions
  • Pair with navigation controller (sold separately) in compatible games
  • Charge the controller and automatically pair with the PS3 system via an USB cable

Move into the most immersive gaming experience ever with PlayStation Move and the PlayStation 3 system. The PlayStation Move pairs with the PlayStation Eye camera to provide the world’s most accurate motion betting on experience. So whether you’re striking a home run, taking a long-distance sniper shot or tapping in a 3 foot putt, your every travel is interpreted into the game with accomplished precision. It’s the world’s most immersive gaming experience ever, and it’s only accomplishable on the PlaySt

List Price: $ 49.99


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