Altus Athletic Push-Up Stands

  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • All Age Use And Fitness Levels
  • Compact And Portable
  • Download Multiple Exercise Routines

Pushup Stands provide an effective and efficient workout for various pushup exercises.

List Price: $ 12.99


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GoFit Push-Up Bars

  • Pair of push-up stands for building and toning pecs and triceps
  • Gripping stands gives you a greater range of motion
  • Compact design for easy storage or transport
  • Gives your chest muscles a more efficient workout
  • Also great for building core strength

The GoFit Push-Up Bars are a great tool to develop your upper body strength. The muscle groups that are primarily used are the pectorals (chest) and triceps (back of arms). The GoFit Push-Up Bars allow for a greater range of motion, giving you better and more efficient development of these muscle groups.No other exercise, outside of weight training, builds and tones the pectoral and tricep muscles more efficiently than push-ups. Now you can take your push-ups to the next level with this pair of

List Price: $ 15.99


Power Trainer Elite Door Mounted Exerciser with Bonus P90X DVD

  • Easy to use and great for any fitness level
  • Can do chin ups, pull ups, sit ups, wide grip push ups, push ups, and tricep d
  • 12 workouts for a total body workout for men and women
  • Includes 1 x Door mounted exerciser
  • Includes 1 x P90X Workout DVD (Prologue)

Power Trainer Elite Door Mounted Exerciser with Bonus P90X DVD

Ideal for all fitness levels, the Power Trainer Elite multi-function exercise bar helps you sculpt, trim, strengthen, and tone a variety of muscle groups.

In its default position, the bar mounts inside a doorway in seconds so you can perform pull-ups and chin-ups. However, the bar also rests on the floor while you do focused pushups or tricep dips, or you can use the bar as a foot stabilizer for sit-ups and crunches.

All told, t


Harbinger 373500 Padded Handle Push-Up Bars

  • Padded-handle push-up bars for strengthening and toning upper body
  • Delta-shaped base sits flat against floor to create stable training platform
  • Evenly distributes weight between hands while efficiently working core
  • Polyethylene construction; padded foam grips for maximum comfort
  • Nonskid rubber pads for traction; each bar supports up to 350 pounds

Delta shaped base provides a stable training platform and evenly distributes weight during liftingEfficiently strengthen and tone your upper body and core muscles with this pair of Harbinger padded-handle push-up bars. The deltaregulated bars sit flat against the floor as you perform push-ups, creating a balanced training platform and evenly distributing the weight between your hands. Handle push-ups are especially abstract for people who desire to strengthen their core, as they make it very arduous to “che

List Price: $ 21.00


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