Natural Fitness Adjustable Resistance Tube Kit

  • Easily alter resistance level with adjustable handles
  • Workout DVD contains beginner & advanced workouts
  • Strengthen & tone entire body
  • Safe & strong break-resistant eco-friendly latex tubes
  • Patented adjustable quick change handles made from recycled material

The Natural Fitness Adjustable Resistance Tube Kit is versatile, environmentally friendly, and contains 3 different natural rubber resistance tubes for smooth, continuous, and safe exercise. Our high quality natural tubes connect to special comfort handles allowing full adjustability of the tube length so that you can shorten the tube for upper body exercise and to create more resistance and also lengthen the tube for less resistance and standing exercises. The 3 different level resistance tub

List Price: $ 25.99


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Gold’s Gym Long Series Resistance Tube Kit with Workout DVD

  • (3) 48″ professional quality resistance tubes
  • (2) detachable easy grip rubber handles to use with 1, 2, or all 3 resistance tubes
  • Nylon protective sleeves give your tubes longer life when using under your foot or with a step
  • Nylon mesh drawstring bag for easy storage
  • Resistance Bands Workout DVD

Transform your body with 15 minutes of resitance tube training a day. These tubes have 3 different levels of resistance and can be used one, two or all three at a time.

-Includes three 48″(122 cm) professional quality resistance tubes

-Includes two detachable easy grip rubber handles to use with one, two or all three resistance tubes

-Includes removable, adjustable nylon strap to hobble resitance tubes together when using multiple tubes

-Includes exercise guide with photos and step by step i


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Heavy Duty Source Blue Leg Cord Resistance Exercize Band (Heavy Resistance)

  • Approximately 15-20 pounds of resistance
  • Improve overall lower-body muscle tone
  • Great for toning hips and strengthening calves and buns
  • Comfortable, padded, velcro, adjustable ankle straps
  • Portable, efficient, affordable

Introducing the new for 2011 Source leg resistance bands! These bands are a revolutionary product that targets the often neglected small and large muscles of the inner and outer thighs as well as the front and rear Glute muscles, hips and quads.Source Fitness uses only the strongest available tubing and the most durable and comfortable ankle attachments. Our ankle attachments have extra padding for your own personal comfort during your workout. Unlike other ankle attachment products, these resis


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