Bodylastics Resistance Bands 254 lbs. of resistance ***SUPER STRONG MAN Edition with User Book & DVD

  • Do over 140 top gym exercises with bundled door anchor, which safely attaches to all positions on any door (many exercises do not require a door)
  • Unique heavy duty carabiner clip system provides ability to use 1 to 7 bands at the same time creating over 97 levels of resistance, up to 254 lbs. (127 lbs. per side). Weight equivalents are stamped right into clips
  • Free live workouts for Muscle Building (Men), Body Toning (Women) and Transformations (Teens) at
  • Heavy Duty Home/travel gym with seven continuous dipped (highest quality) 4-foot elastic tubes, padded heavy duty handles, and padded heavy duty ankle straps
  • Lifetime warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee

“Bodylastics Super Strong Man Edition (254 lbs, 127 pounds per side) Resistance Bands System with the Chiseled Series 3 Muscle Building 6 DVD box set is designed to build strength, tone your muscles, and improve overall fitness. Back before the 2007 NFL football season, Bodylastics Int’l sent a few prototypes to the Dallas Cowboys’ conditioning coach. Not only did the coach order 10 sets on the spot, but eventually ordered enough sets for every player on the team. Everything about this system

List Price: $ 104.95